Pemota Consultancy is a specialist in consultancy, training and advice in the field of transnational Employee Relations. The company started in 2022 when the Dutch Petra Molenaar decided to consolidate her 24 years of EWC experience into her own specialist EWC consultancy firm.

Petra Molenaar is a strong believer of the potential of well-managed and well-run European Works Councils.

“Although EWC’s by some are viewed as a burden and a sometimes time-consuming institution, we strongly believe that a well-organized and well-run EWC can strongly contribute to the success of transnational working companies.”

Pemota Consultancy wants to help companies and their employees to use EWC’s as an effective platform to exchange ideas and to co-determine a successful course for the company.

“We promote employee engagement and sharing, founded on the idea that companies take better decisions if employees are involved in the decision-making-process.”