About us

Pemota Consultancy is a specialist in consultancy, training and advice in the field of transnational Employee Relations. The company started in 2022 when the Dutch Petra Molenaar decided to consolidate her 24 years of EWC experience into her own specialist EWC consultancy firm.

Petra Molenaar

Petra Molenaar is an experienced adviser to European Works Councils (EWCs) of multinationals operating in various industries and markets, dealing with a large variety of different EWCs and being actively involved in complex strategic company decisions.

She manages the EWC process of data collection and analyzing the information and supports the consultation process of the EWC on intended decisions e.g. regarding transnational restructuring, divestitures, acquisitions and integration, volume transfers or even more abstract processes like separation of businesses through spin-offs, carve-outs or share transfers.  Such comprehensive processes are difficult to manage and require cooperation and constructive dialogue with company management to jointly agree a working procedure and align the necessary employee engagement at all levels.

Through this, she has developed deep domain knowledge and skills to operate in this area and to support EWCs in their general functioning and dialogue with Central Management.

Petra Molenaar holds degrees in Social Sciences (Social economics and Labour Developments) as well as in Education. The many years of training and advising Employee Councils at all levels have created the ideal skill set for her to establish her own consultancy firm. 

In her work as a trainer and adviser, Petra Molenaar has a no-nonsense communication style, always focusing on ’the constructive dialogue’, in order to find the best possible solutions for both the employees and the company.

Pemota Consultancy is connected to a large network of partners, specialized in different areas relevant to European Works Councils, such as (European) trade unions, international trainers, interpretation and translation services, and HR-, financial- and legal specialists in different European countries. Based on your requests she can connect you to those that are relevant to you:

Goof van Riet

In the realm of professional growth and organizational excellence, Goof van Riet is a fervent advocate for the power of open communication. She firmly believes that employees should be able to articulate their thoughts, express their emotions, and share their aspirations. Simultaneously, she underlines the pivotal role of leaders who are eager to listen and absorb this invaluable feedback.

“I acknowledge that change often unfolds gradually, taking shape one small step at a time. However, the journey towards transformative change begins by embracing the present and expressing your ideas, concerns, and aspirations. Drawing upon my extensive experience in the field of Human Resources, gained through years of service at prominent corporations, I possess a deep understanding of the dynamics at play. I can decipher the unspoken messages within the dialogues between management and works councils.”

The partnership with Petra creates a strong team that spans the entire spectrum of organizational insight. Petra brings a wealth of experience from the perspective of works councils, while Goof is able to support EWC’s with her specialist knowledge and experience in HR and the dynamics of interacting with management. Together they empower EWC’s with holistic solutions that drive meaningful change.