Consultancy for your European Works Council

Working in a multinational company is not always easy. Company structures are often complex and also the topics to address as a works council can be rather abstract. Pemota Consultancy actively supports your European Works Council in internal discussions as well as in the meetings with management, with the intention to build trust between all stakeholders and ensure constructive dialogue throughout the company. Some examples of the work we do:

  • Supporting the SC/EWC in internal meetings, determining goals for the EWC and identify important topics to address with management;
  • Supporting communication between the EWC members, both in meetings and in between meetings;
  • Supporting communication between EWC- SC and management;
  • Research into European employment law – Workforce planning and reorganization;
  • Discussing strategic plans for the company and the future workforce needs, changes to the workforce, and any potential implications for employees;
  • Preparing legal documents , templates and statements on relevant EWC transnational consultation topics;
  • Preparing ordinary meetings for the EWC with management and the SC.

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