Training for your European Works Council

We offer dedicated training for your EWCs as a group, for individual members, Select Committees, Management and/or joint groups Management and EWCs.
Every training will be designed based on your specific input, needs, and objectives. We will activate group and/or individual tasks and activities closely aligned to the exisiting skills and knowledge of the group.

We prefer to execute all trainings in person. Hopwever, on request and depending on the objectives, online trainings can be developed as well. 

An snapshot of the various trainings we offer:

  • The EWC Legal Framework: EWC Directive – EWC Agreements – case law
  • The role and responsibilities of the EWC, Select Committee and management.
  • Setting up a preferred and accepted EWC working procedure.
  • Understanding role, scope and responsibilities of EWC and local councils
  • Internal communication and meeting skills.
  • Cultural diversity and Industrial relations in Europe
  • Negotiation skills
  • Dealing with confidentiality in the EWC
  • Teamwork – building strong(er) teams.
  • Key financials and company strategy.
  • Setting up a (European) network.
  • Skills for the EWC chair and secretary.

Do you need EWC Training? Let us know!