‘It’s the experience Pemota brings to the table’

Chubb is a global fire safety and security solutions provider, protecting people and
assets worldwide for over 200 years. Chubb offers high-quality service and innovative, technology-enabled solutions for business and home – from design and installation to service and monitoring. From fire alarms, gas detection and explosion suppression, to cameras, access management and fire extinguishers.  It’s a multinational company with over 13,000 employees, predominantly based in Europe, with offices in the Far East, Australia, and Canada.

Chris O’Callaghan is president of the European Works Council and has been an employee of Chubb Ireland for over 26 years. “This is my second year as president. Before that, I was a select committee member for five years and have been a member of the European Works Council for nearly 12 years.”

“The Chubb EWC is in the fortunate situation that over the years a lot of trust has been built up between the senior managers and the select committee. There is a good and open exchange of information. No topics are off bounds and discussions are open and frank.

Obviously, we don’t always agree on everything, but we can always have a conversation about it. There is a feeling of common interests and goals. As an EWC we always need to receive the correct information on any issue to have everybody on the same page, in order to bring about satisfactory outcomes for all.”

“I’m well aware that some international companies may view an EWC as a necessary burden, but at Chubb the management sees it as a positive force. It is truly a two-way communication, and we get all the necessary information straight from the senior management. In this way, we can act and react fast and in a well-informed manner.”

“Petra Molenaar who hails from the Netherlands, with a long-established background in European Works Councils has been supporting the Chubb EWC for over 5 years now.

She’s very knowledgeable and the experience that she can bring to the table is very worthwhile and reassuring.  Her preparation is always impeccable.  

She’s applying her experience and knowledge in many different situations and she is meeting so many people, that it can’t be easy to keep a good overview. However, Petra manages to stay on top of it all. When she attends our EWC meeting, she is 100% prepared and ready to go. If there was anything that didn’t sit right with us at a previous EWC meeting, we would have had conversations in the meantime and she would make sure to have extra information for us, so we could bring that topic up at future meetings. Petra is very knowledgeable and accessible. I can ring Petra or text her if there’s a query and she’ll always come back to me, fast.”

“When Petra informed us of her decision to start Pemota, there was little doubt in our minds that we as EWC did not want to lose her as our advisor and would be more than happy to continue using her services. I am confident that the greatest possible endorsement came from the fact that our management was in agreement with us. They too stated that they didn’t want to lose her and all her knowledge.”

“Pemota is a smaller company than we had previously used, but we have had no fear whatsoever that this would pose a risk to the continuity. She has been working in the industry for so long and has so many contacts that even if at some moment she might not be available to attend or to assist us, she would always point us in the direction of someone who could.”

“And that’s exactly how it has turned out. If anything, the service we are getting from Petra has actually improved. Petra is more dedicated than ever and able to spend her time on the services we really require, instead of on red tape and administration. With Pemota she’s clearly off to a great start!”

“As president of the Chubb EWC, I have 100% confidence in Petra’s, professional attitude, her overall ability to bring matters to the attention of the select committee and all EWC members, all along with bringing these to a satisfactory conclusion.”

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