‘Petra Molenaar brings over 20 years of international EWC experience to the table.’

Andy Murray, Chairman of the Howmet European Works Council explains why they work with Pemota.

Howmet Aerospace Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading global provider for the aerospace and transportation industries. The company’s primary businesses focus on jet engine components, aerospace fastening systems, and titanium structural parts as well as forged wheels for commercial transportation. Although Howmet has been a trusted brand for over 90 years, it was only just three years ago that Howmet Aerospace spun out of Arconic as a separate standalone company. It is now trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “HWM”.

With nearly 6000 employees and 30 locations in 13 countries, Howmet has a strong European presence. Its European Works Council (EWC) started operating as early as 2000. Since 2009 Petra Molenaar has been closely involved in coaching and advising the Howmet EWC. First at SBI Formaat and as of April 1st this year, from her own company Pemota Consultancy.
Andy Murray, Chairman of the Howmet European Works Council explains why.

Wealth of Experience

“Petra Molenaar has been coaching and supporting our EWC since 2009. She brings a wealth of experience to the table. On the one hand the specific experience of over 14 years as a consultant to the Howmet EWC – knowing all the ins and outs and sensitivities of our international company – and on the other hand the broader experience of having worked at a range of international EWCs, across many industries and many countries. Such in depth experience is rare.”

“A specific strength of Petra is her ability to really blend in with the EWC, striking the right balance between taking initiative and leaving control and all final decisions to the EWC. She empowers the EWC without being overly in control. In addition, she helps us to see things in a broader perspective, looking outside the boundaries of our own companies. She shows us how other EWCs, or Euroforums as we call them, tackle their problems. In addition, she is well aware of how to navigate potential pitfalls in dealing with corporate management.”

Constructive work relationship

“The Howmet Euroforum consists of an active Select Committee of four people, meeting regularly. Then once a year the full Euroforum meets to discuss all sorts of issues relating to economic developments, the business outlook, recruiting, HR, safety and security etc.
As such the EWC has a strong and independent advisory role and serves effectively as a sparring partner for the management. This results in a constructive work relationship with the Howmet European management, dealing with various challenges. This ranges from dealing with e covid pandemic (hitting the aerospace industry like no other) as well as adapting to the economic rebound right after covid, resulting in numerous recruiting challenges.”

As EWC we take pride in supporting all European Howmet employees while keeping a good eye for the corporate interests and our international success. With Petra Molenaar and Pemota we are confident that our EWC remains a strong sparring partner and business partner to the Howmet management.

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